I'll see you again, brother Ron.

A small tribute to brother Ron Topsom.

On Monday (April 2th 2007) afternoon, I lost a brother and a friend.  Ron Topsom was someone that looked after me as I went through a troubled university life (I was always a good kid, but my life went upside down due to events outside of my control).  He made sure that I at least keep turning to the Lord Jesus as well as fellowshipped with me concerning many practical things regarding my personal living with Christ, my studies as a christian, and even working as a single-working believer to be a testimony at work.

In the last few years he has been ill, but it was always good to see him strengthened by the Lord and keep going on.  Sadly, he went to be with the Lord on last Monday.

I miss him already.  I wish I had more time for more fellowship.  It's such a shame, I never have enough time for everything I wanted to do.  I pray when it's my time to go to be with the Lord, I won't have the regret that I have right now.

Thank you Lord for such a pattern of a proper christian.