Infinite loop in a survey questionaire for acupuncture.

This is a true story that happened a few years ago.
A church friend asked me to fill out a survey regarding acupuncture. The questions were like this.

  1. Have you ever had acupuncture yourself? (If no, go to step 3)
  2. Was the painful?
  3. Have you ever hear from a friend who had acupuncture? (If yes, go to step 2)
  4. other acupuncture related questions.

2 of the guys in the group (who are geeks, me being one of them) spotted the infinite loop simultaneously (and almost immediately) and laughed at our little insider joke. The rest didn't get what's so funny about it.

Years years later, I took my wife to get acupuncture for a swollen ankle. And it did hurt like hell - she was in pain and tears. We never had the guts to go back again.