Heaps and heaps of updates

Ok, heaps of update, stay with me.
(This is what happens when you don't blog for a while - but you ain't getting no apologies from me!)
  • .NET stuff
    • Having done .NET 2.0 for nearly a year, I can't remember what it was like without generics, or anonymous delegates...
    • Spring.NET is cool.
    • ASP.NET AJAX is cool.
    • NHibernate is somewhat cool (but I'm not sold).
    • DB2, the database that's used here sucks really bad.  Like a vacuum combined with a blackhole.  People should use a real, up-to-date database system, like SQL Server or failing that at least Oracle...
  • Work stuff
    • People come and go, I haven't decided whether I want to stay here or get moved to a different project.
    • Oh ya, did so much javascript (in particular, JQuery), I think I can dream in JQuery now.
  • Gaming stuff
    • Following quitting WoW, I played LOTRO initially to help me quit Warcraft.
    • LOTRO turned out to be a bit of a dead-end game at end game.  So we quit that.
    • Got into Tabula Rasa for a while.  That was a dead-end too.  Beta had too many issues and not many impressive moments.
    • Got an XBox 360, just for Halo 3 - that is one good game - probably as good as the hype.
    • Got into Bio Shock which I actually finished (got the good ending).
    • Got into Viva Pineda which was quite fun but I feel not much replay value.
    • Really got into Puzzle Quest - that is the cheapest $12 I've ever spent on a game.  Everyone loved it.
    • Got into Hellgate London - fun but not much things to do - it turns repetitive quite quickly.
    • Got back into World of Warcraft.  There's just nothing on the market that can compete with it for now.
    • Wish List: Mass Effect (will get this possibly after Chrismas)
  • Personal stuff
    • Wifey is pregnant (yay!), we're expecting in May 2008.  All signs are currently normal, which is the best I can wish for.
    • Going to have our last holiday together (since I heard after the baby is born I won't be going anywhere) to New Zealand, where I grew up but haven't returned for over a decade.